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Cab Ride on the OE - Southbound

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Southbound (railroad west) Trips to Albany, Oregon
  The OE (Oregon Electric) is the former SP&S, former BN line, from Portland to Albany and down the Willamette Valley to Eugene, Oregon.  Engineer Roland Haynes began his career in railroading on the SP&S in the 1960s, he then worked for the BN up until his passing in the mid-1990s. By the mid-eighties Roland would have 20 years of senority, enough to run the OE trains.
  These slides I bought were taken by Roland on trips he made to and from Albany. These photos are from three trips he made in the early-mid eighties; the exact dates for these trips are unknown, but the slides have dates of December 1983, January 1984, and March 1984, which is the date the roll of film was developed.
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