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Amtrak 11/14

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Amtrak’s Coast Starlight #11
   On November 14, 1971, just six months after Amtrak was formed, the Coast Starlight began running from Seattle to San Diego.  In January 1972 Amtrak changed the route to Los Angles.  Back in the early 1970s, nine trains operated in and out of Seattle, today the Coast Starlight is one of only two long-distance trains in and out of Seattle along with twelve short-distance trains known as the Amtrak Cascades.
   These photographs of train #11 and #14 are just a few from my collection, some were taken by Roland Haynes.  Number 11’s mid-morning departure made photographing it in Washington, and most of Oregon, easy.  Number 14s late evening arrival into Seattle made photographing it in Washington a challenge since it was late most of the time.

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